Podcast Class (9/30) - Intermediate Podcasting Skills

Podcast Class (9/30) - Intermediate Podcasting Skills


5 PM - 7 PM in the South Bay

Join us for this podcast class where will be teaching the intermediate podcasting techniques and skill. Subject matter will include:

  • How to add video to your podcasting.

  • Editing your podcast in Ableton Live, Garageband and Adobe Audition.

  • Creating Audiograms and video snippets for IGTV, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Creating your pitch deck for sponsors.

  • Community Development Platforms (Patreon, Flick, etc)

  • Advanced Social Media Strategies including Reddit & Medium.

  • Interview research strategies.

  • Appearing on other podcasts as a way of promoting your podcast.

  • And more …

All people who register and attend the class will receive a free three-month membership to my exclusive Podcast community. This community offers you the following:

  • Two Zoom calls per month (60 minutes per call) on specific podcast topics.

  • Exclusive access to our Slack Community for discussion and idea sharing.

  • Unlimited email and phone support as you create your podcast.

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