Episode 86 - Jen Bergmark [Event Planner]

Jen Bergmark First Pick Planning

Jen Bergmark shares how she got over a major car accident, why the quality of events is more important than the quantity of events and the lessons learned from getting fired. 

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Show Notes:

6:25 - The experience of working the Super Bowl.

9:52 - The effect of getting fired from a job.

13:38 - Why Jen watches "Friends" every day. 

16:00 - "I always equated success with more weddings..."

19:53 - "Don't look at other people ..."

27:10 - They  forgot to order the napkins!

31:55 - Applying to be on 'The Bachelor'.

35:56 - The effect a major car accident on her business and personal life. 

42:40 - "There are no road blocks to where you want to go ..."

44:30 - "Being grateful for what's right in front of you ..."

58:20 - "As planners, we need to stick together ..."

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Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller