Episode 1 - DJ Kurtis Cross

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In this show, we interview DJ Kurtis Cross and learn about what inspires him to keep going after over 30 years in the game.

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Show Notes:

7:15 - Kurtis explains what Chuck Brown means to the city of Washington DC.
12:12 - Kurtis discusses what is important to succeed in this current environment as a creative.
16:00 - Kurtis shares the biggest technological advancement he has seen in his 30+ year career.
21:45 - Kurtis gives advice to his 21-year old self.
24:24 - Kurtis shares the new habit he has formed over the past year.
25:27 - We have a lively discussion on recommended books.

Book Recommendation (Affiliate Link Included)

Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson 

How to reach Kurtis Cross -->  Instagram | Facebook | Website

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