Episode 84 - Adam Gubman [Songwriter | Composer | Arranger]

Adam Gubman Moonwalk Audio Songwriter Composer

Adam Gubman talks to us about winning a Golden Globe & Oscar award, a potential meeting with Dave Matthews and why being irrelevant scares him. Enjoy! 

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Show Notes:

6:58 - Working with Carole King & Michael Bolton.

14:07 - "I am in a period of rebuilding, rebranding and regrowth."

15:50 - How has Adam been able to be patient with his career. 

20:21 - How to not let personal finance get in the way of your creativity. 

29:38 - Adam's top three favorite video games. 

31:53 - "Being irrelevant scares me ..."

35:46 - Networking tips. 

43:45 - "I will forgo money up front for royalties later ..."

45:41 - Questions that Adam would ask Dave Matthews & The Sherman Brothers. 

53:14 - "Your projects should serve one of three things - your soul, your pocketbook or your career."

57:17 - "Focus on the things that serve your soul and serve others..."

65:37 - "Afford opportunities to people who don't get them ... "

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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams

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