Episode 50 (Part 1) - Amani Roberts [ DJ | Music Producer | Professor]

Amani Roberts DJ Music Producer Professor

In this episode, we learn about our host, Amani Roberts (me)!! In part 1, he shares why he started this podcast, the impact his experience at Scratch Academy had on his life and business and why the most beautiful people in the world have scars. 

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Show Notes:

5:00 - How road trips led to Amani getting into the meetings & events industry.

8:00 - Where is the fourth plane?

10:16 - DJ Biz Markie at Quigley's Nightclub (DC)

Amani Roberts and DJ Biz Markie

13:58 - "One of the best decisions of my life ..."

18:00 - "It's not what you know, but who you know ..."

24:17 - Why Amani started this podcast.

28:47 - The power of handwritten notes.

33:00 - Advice from author Soman Chainani

35:50 - "DJ's can make or break your party or event."

36:50 - The Scratch Academy experience and how it was the turning point of Amani's career.

Amani Roberts Scratch Graduation

41:02 - How Amani's piano practice helps him to stay motivated.

44:45 - What kind of impact the podcast has had on Amani's life.

48:13 - "The most beautiful people in the world have scars ..."

50:26 - "Growing old alone ..."

56:57 - "Keep your feet on the ground"

Extras Mentioned:

Amani's motivation playlist on Youtube.

Design Matters Podcast with Debbie Millman.

Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss

Amani Roberts DJ Lessons