Episode 41 - Anna Braff [Vintage Furniture]

Anna Braff Provenance Rentals

Anna Braff discusses how to track a vintage object's authenticity, pricing strategies and how she nurtures her creativity. Enjoy the show!


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Show Notes:

6:15 - Why Anna has a love for power tools. 

8:37 - We have an "Elle Woods" reference. (Legally Blonde)

17:02 - How Anna nurtures her creativity. 

18:45 - A Hebrew naming ceremony launched her business.

21:45 - Where the name Provenance Rentals came from. 

24:10 - How do you track an object's authenticity. 

Anna Braff

29:28 - Thoughts on pricing and learning strategies regarding pricing.

35:11 - Why getting sued scares Anna. 

35:50 - "Keep being persistent ..."

45:46 - What her mom and sister mean to her. 

47:57 - "Trying to find the right person for you is so difficult and yet also very amazing."

49:02 - "Listen to who you truly are and it will come eventually if you nurture that ..."

50:35 - How did Anna shift from quoting pricing and details via email/text to getting on the phone with all of her clients. 

56:30 - "Don't Think ...Just Do ..."

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Book Recommendations:

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

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