Episode 21 - Ashley Huisman [Videographer]

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In this episode, we talk to Ashley Huisman about her perspective on technology, her definition of fear and what life was like growing up on a farm. Enjoy the show. 

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Show Notes:

5:03 - The difference between growing up in Alberta, Canada to living in Los Angeles. 

7:07 - How Ashley's mechanical engineering experience and education helps her in the creative role she has now. 

11:56 - The ground rules Ashley and her husband agreed on for them to be able to work together. 

14:15 - Three reasons why Ashley loves what she does.

19:34 - Ashley's perspective on the advancement of technology in her industry.

22:20 - "You write a lot of cliches!"

Ashley Huisman


25:58 - "The word 'numb' is the way to describe that year."

27:38 - Ashley's definition of fear. 

30:21 - "Make sure you leave something better than when you found it."

33:40 - Is a full-feature film on the horizon for Anaheim Studios?

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