Episode 48 - Ashley Jones [Dancer | Choreographer | Instructor]

Ashley L Jones and Amani Roberts Professional Dancer /DJ

Ashley Jones discusses "Ballet Kanye", why she is completely in love with dance and how she has developed her resiliency muscle over time. Enjoy the show.

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Show Notes:

8:48 - Why Ashley chose Political Science & Business Administration as her major at USC. 

11:35 - Where does her strong work ethic come from. 

16:56 - What skills did Ashley learn at Northrop that she uses in her current life. 

20:40 - "When you don't make the right decision in life, the decision is made for you."

21:49 - "Ballet Kanye"

Ashley L. Jones Dancer Choreographer Instructor

25:12 - Why it is important to be flexible as a creative. 

32:53 - What did Ashley's family and friends say when she told them she was leaving her corporate job. 

38:10 - How does Ashley take care of her body and stay healthy as a dancer.

45:10 - "My only fear is not pursuing my passion ... "

Ashley L. Jones Choreographer Dancer Instructor

49:10 - How has Ashley developed her resiliency muscle over time. 

62:20 - "No matter how tall the mountain, it cannot block the sun ..."

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Book Recommendations: 

The Last Lecture - Randy Pausch

Shoes Off Mommy - Alison Rose & Kathleen Vaslett-Carr

To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

Ashley Jones Broken Collarbone