Episode 31 - Cachita Hynes [Fashion & Digital Media]

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Cachita Hynes talks to us about how networking has benefitted her career, what it was like working with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, and why "your worth is not what someone tells you it is." Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

4:04 - How Cachita made the decision to attend the University of Missouri.

6:34 - The story of Cachita's first on-air experience at NBC KMOU

8:02 - What it was like working with Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie.

12:44 - How did Cachita know she wanted to be an entrepreneur?

16:28 - How has networking benefitted her career. 

19:27 - Advances in technology and social media that Cachita is keeping her eye on. 

Cachita Shot #1

24:50 - "Numbers are everything."

30:57 - "Why missed opportunities scare Cachita."

36:36 - "Your Worth Is Not What Someone Tells You It Is."

42:40 - "No one should ever steal your sparkle."

54:02 - Fashion advice for Amani!

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