Episode 93 - David Coe [Real Estate Investor]

David Coe FIBI Investments

Leaving a lucrative advertising career for real estate investing in was a wise risk by David Coe. Learn how he survived the 2008 downturn, current thoughts on the real estate environment and lessons learned throughout the way. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

5:30 - How David became a good cook. 

8:50 -What David misses from his days at Chiat-Day.

11:06 - Switching from the advertising world to real estate investing.

16:15 - Thoughts on real estate investing in our current environment. 

19:36 - "I love the idea of putting a deal together."

24:47 - Use education to conquer fear. 

28:50 - The pain of 2008.

35:23 - Managing the loss of a parent while being self-employed. 

40:12 - "Wear my helmet..."

41:33 - Accountability. 

45:58 - "Treat all people fairly."
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Book Recommendation:

"The One Thing" by Gary Keller

App Recommendation:

Noom App