Episode 4 - Dr. Walter Sims [Life Coach]

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In today's episode we speak to Dr. Walter Sims who is a spiritual life coach and motivational speaker. Walter was an electrical engineer by trade until life moved on him. Walter shares some great advice and ways to live a happier life. Enjoy the show.

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Show Notes:

9:22 - How Walter recovered from being blindsided by his termination from his job.

12:35 - What makes the coaching he provides different.

20:25 - What scares him. 

23:41 - Advice for people who are struggling to get over fear.

26:55 - Walter shares the story of how he helped to save someone's life through his live streaming show.

32:42 - The issue with people staying too comfortable.

41:15 - Why it is important to love YOU. 

Youtube Clip by Steve Harvey - You Have to Jump

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The Science of Getting Rich - Wallace D. Wattles

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