Episode 2 - Gabrielle Norton [Wedding Planner]

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In this episode we speak with Gabrielle Norton, founder of Cause We Can Events. Gabby shares wisdom and advice on taking the leap into the creative world. She also shares what it is like living on a boat! Enjoy the show.

Show Notes:

5:45 - Gabby talks about the difference in living in LA compared to Montreal.

8:45 - The fears she hard to work through.

11:20 - How she stands out in a crowded space.

14:55 - What it takes to be successful in today's environment.

18:55 - What is her word for the year.

23:00 - What scares her.

24:50 - How she handles failure.

29:20 - What is life like living on a boat. 

Book Recommendation (Affiliate Link Included):

"Setting the Table" by Danny Meyer

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