Episode 97 - Kathleen Ronald [Mind Chiropractor]

Kathleen Ronald, Speaktacular Mind Chiropractor

After hearing Kathleen speak at the MPISCC WECon 2019 Conference, I knew that I had to get her on the show. She has acquired a great deal of wisdom and life lessons throughout her career. Her journey took her from Apple Computers, Nordstroms and then into her own career as a professional speaker.

A regular on The Doctor's Show and The Dr. Phil Show, Kathleen Ronald shares the two most common limiting beliefs, what a mind chiropractor is and why "if you think it, you should ink it." Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

4:43 - Staring a dance company at age 21. 

9:05 - Valuable lessons learned from working with Tony Robbins. 

11:01 - A mind chiropractor. 

12:41 -  The two most common limiting beliefs. 

16:05 - Advice for Amani regarding pricing and faith. 

20:12 - How clutternomics fits into the world of love. 

25:12 - "You must choose a lane ... "

29:19 - "I love people ... "

32:34 - Working through the fear of money. 

36:44 - Advice for people who want to be a professional speaker.

40:02 - "Weight has been my teacher since the 8th grade .... "

49:46 - Doing a marathon to learn more discipline. 

51:57 - "Always check your gut first because your guy always knows ... "

57:28 - "If you think it ink it ..."

How to reach Kathleen:  Website | Facebook | Linkedin | Instagram 

Book Recommendations:

The Business of Speaking - Andrea H. Gold & Gary K. Yamamoto

Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

Angel Speake - Barbara Marke & Trudy Griswold