Episode 38 - Katie Nesbitt [Yoga Instructor | Wellness Consultant | Dream Inspirer]

Katie Nesbitt Yoga Instructor Wellness Consultant

In this episode, Katie discusses how her award-winning diving career prepared her for her current career, how she has been able to get through fear throughout her life and why you should "follow your dreams because they know the way!" Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

6:28 - Katie's award-winning career as a diver at Northeastern University.

11:05 - How her diving career prepared her for her current career.

17:08 - Katie's practice of writing her diving goals in a notebook. 

19:09 - "I'm in the perfect flow"

20:25 - The first leap that Katie took in her life.

25:04 - "When you work hard, the universe will meet you halfway."

28:17 - "Yoga Instructor, Wellness Consultant, and Dream Inspirer"

Katie sunset photo.

31:50 - "My body was a monster that was attacking me ..."

36:02 - Katie's struggles with competition in the yoga industry and social media.

42:09 - "I had to get to forgiveness, very quickly."

49:16 - Why saying "No" is very hard for Katie. ("Saying yes to myself instead of no to others has helped me.")

50:56 - "Trust" ... and the tattoo story.

54:08 - "Follow your dreams, they know the way ... "

56:39 - How Katie grew the destination retreat portion of her business.

63:58 - How has Katie been so courageous throughout her life.

66:48 - "Feel the fear and do it anyway..."

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StrengthFinders 2.0 by Tom Rath

Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

Katie yoga retreat picture