Episode 99 - KJ Rose [Performance Coach]

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From singing on tour with Janet Jackson, Britney Spears & Kelly Rowland to singing on tracks with The Notorious BIG, Heavy-D and countless other artists, KJ Rose has amazing wisdom in what it takes to be successful in the creative space today. KJ is an amazing storyteller and that is evident throughout the interview. She has worked with a long list of talented artists and she continues to add to her resume on a daily basis. Amazing show. Please share with me what parts of the interview are your favorite.  

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Show Notes:

5:40 - Big Jon Platt

7:35 - First touring opportunity on the "No Way Out" Tour.

9:00 - Getting over stage fright. 

20:30 - Advice for people who are considering taking the leap to the artist's life. 

24:30 - "Always qualify yourself ... "

28:38 - Definition of courage.

35:23 - "I did make it ... you just missed it ... "

36:29 - Regret.

40:00 - "People should not take closed doors personally ... "

46:53 - The song "A Better Way" ... 

53:37 - "What you were born to do can't be taken away by anyone else but yourself and your own fear ... "

55:19 - "You are exactly where you are supposed to be ... "

61:44 - "If you can't love what you do, what is the point?"

65:05 - Three songwriters KJ admires. 

How to reach KJ: Website | Instagram | Facebook 

Book Recommendations:

"The Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes

"The Wait" by Devon Franklin

"The Rose Effect" by KJ Rose (coming soon!)