Episode 62 - Latifah Al-Hazza [Boutique Travel Company]

Latifah Al Hazza Amani Roberts Podcast

Latifah Al-Hazza discusses the comparison trap, how she keeps a tight bond with her mom and she gives excellent advice for people who work remotely.

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Show Notes:

6:02 - What inspired Latifah to go out on her own.

10:01 - How Latifah maintains such a tight bond with her mom.

15:52 - “Don’t compare yourself to other people…. “

25:31 - “I love waking up happy and I love going to bed happy … “

32:53 - The story of how Latifah become so resilient.

36:27 - Latifah’s breaking point.

39:52 - The beauty of “grip socks”.

42:48 - Advice for people who are struggling to work remotely.

45:08 - “Don’t worry, everything will work out … “

52:41 - Where does “Tiffalicious” come from?

53:33 - The Galapagos Islands

55:37 - “Never stay in a situation that doesn’t make you excited to wake up every day … “

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