Episode 112 - Laura Powers [Psychic]

Laura Powers Healing Powers

World-renowned psychic Laura Powers takes us into the world of being a psychic,  shares how we can trust our intuition, the proper way to ask your angel and spirit guides for help and gives Amani a live reading! Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

6:05 - Laura's first psychic client. 

9:05 - Staying disciplined with writing books, six podcasts, and her psychic practice. 

10:25 - "The universe is like a Netflix queue ... "

13:50 - Coming out of the psychic closet.

18:16 - Why Mexico City has high paranormal activity. 

24:58 - Marilyn Monroe has visited Laura frequently. 

30:27 - Learning to trust your intuition. 

35:20 - Having the strength to stand alone. 

36:39 - Asking your angel and spirit guides for help. 

38:41 - Infrared Saunas. 

42:36 - Laura gives Amani a live reading!

How to reach Laura: Website | Instagram | Linkedin 

Book Recommendations:

Angels - How to Understand, Recognize and Receive Their Guidance by Laura Powers

An End To Upside Down Thinking by Mark Gober