Episode 19 - Lindsey Zuelich [Woodworker]


In episode 19, we talk with Lindsey Zuelich who shares her journey from FIDM to Trader Joes and then to Wood Brain. Lindsey speaks on working with her hands at a young age, the influence her dad had on her life and how her famous wooden flasks were "born". Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

4:50 - How Lindsey got from FIDM to Trader Joes

8:04 - Why her dad was adamant that she knew how to use his tools and work with her hands. 

16:14 - A new DJ booth for Amani?

18:20 - Where were the wooden flasks "born"?

21:48 - How workshops and teaching people the craft of woodworking fits into her business.

Lindsey wood portrait


22:55 - Where the name Wood Brain came from. 

27:07 - How Lindsey stayed balanced while she took care of her dad. 

29:00 - "Measure Twice & Cut Once"

32:35 - "You Can't Do It All Yourself"

36:01 - Workshops in 2018 for Lindsey.

How to contact Lindsey: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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