From Side Hustle to Full-Time

Have you ever wanted your side hustle to be your full-time gig? Many times people start something on the side to make some extra cash, try something new or fulfill a hobby. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn that into what you do for a living? Amani Roberts did just that, and The Balance asked him along with others what it was like:

“I would gig out on nights and weekends and grow the business,” says Amani. “I realized it was time to go full time when the revenue I was earning was half of my current salary. This gave me a good foundation to build upon while going full-time.”

Amani was able to leave the corporate world and by 2012 had his own DJ company. In addition to being a DJ at events, he teaches DJ lessons and creates original music for commercials and videos.

“There will be many tough times and it isn't easy. Perseverance will make the journey worthwhile.”

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