VoyageLA Spotlights Amani Roberts

In a recent interview with VoyageLA, Amani shared his story about deciding to become a DJ and the struggles that come with such a profession.

“In 1995, I went to a club in downtown Washington, DC called “Quigleys”. The DJ playing at the club was DJ Biz Markie. His show that night was amazing and it was at that time that I decided that I wanted to be a DJ.”

He goes on to discuss the challenges of growing both your business and your skillset as a DJ.

“There have been numerous programs and “gigs” I would have love to get hired for, but for some reason it didn’t end up happening. Hearing “no” is never easy, but I learned that you have to accept it and keep moving forward.”

Amani’s business, The Amani Experience, is a boutique DJ agency providing music at events all over the world. When asked if he could start over would he have done anything differently he says, “The one thing I would do differently is just start my company earlier. That’s it.”

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