Episode 29 - Anthony Eisenhower [Martial Arts]

Anthony Eisenhower Amani Roberts

Anthony Eisenhower talks to us about narrowing your focus, working on the TV show "Alias" and the benefits of leaning on other people to assist you during your journey. Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

8:16 - How did Anthony manage triple-tasking three different jobs when he first opening Brood 9. 

9:16 - Where does the name Brood 9 come from.

10:51 - What was it like working on the TV Show "Alias"?

15:34 - Advice to Anthony in 2014.

18:47 - "Going from a broad focus to a more narrow focus."

Anthony E

23:08 - "I love teaching."

28:30 - "I didn't want to be a fighter"

34:29 - Jean-Claude Van Damme was one of the most influential people for Anthony growing up.

36:50 - Believing in himself and leaning on other people are the two lessons that took Anthony the longest to learn.

38:05 - "If You Want More"

42:23 - Thoughts on intermittent fasting.

45:34 - Thoughts on the current state of boxing and what the sport needs to come back.

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - Mark Manson

The Art of Saying No - Damon Zahariades

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane  - Neil Gaiman

Anthony fighting