Episode 28 - Halle Grano & Shannon Weidel [Apparel Design, Development & Production]

Halle Grano and Shannon Weidel

Shannon and Halle talk to us about maintaining relationships outside of your career, supporting local businesses and being more fearless! Enjoy the show. 


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Show Notes:

6:49 - Shannon won a Martha Stewart pie contest. 

7:50 - Where the name LadySmyth comes from. 

12:13 - How did exotic dancing help develop Halle's fashion career. 

16:31 - What impact did a dream Shannon had about Jean Paul Gaultier have on her career.

18:58 - Halle's dad is their business manager.

23:33 - What makes LadySmyth unique from other fashion designers.

shannon Halle Foxy Brown

27:46 - "You become an expert in your field once you learn all the mistakes there are to make in a specific area."

38:00 - The importance of maintaining relationships outside of your career.

39:59 - Supporting local businesses and the Made In America movement.

47:14 - "It goes back to passion."

49:48 - "Be more fearless."

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The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

You Need A Budget by Jesse Mecham

The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber

The Tao of Dating by Ali Binazir, MD

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