Episode 27 - Russell Harris [Corporate Event Planner]


In this episode, Russell Harris talks to us about where he gets his inspiration for events from, surviving the 2008 writer's strike and "learning to love himself a little more". Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

3:42 - Russell discusses his volleyball career for a US Club team in Europe.

6:24 - Russell's equestrian hobby and his new horse - Big Business.

8:40 - Why networking is so important. 

11:13 - How Russell develops his color muscle. 

12:13 - The turning point in Russell's career.

17:45 - "Be able to diversify."

Russell Harris headshot

21:43 - "Surround yourself with successful people."

22:45 - The most influential person for Russell growing up. 

25:20 - What is T.I.D.?

27:10 - How has being a good listener helped Russell in his career. 

28:05 - "Learn to love myself a little more."

30:15 - How meditation helped Russell be a better equestrian rider.

32:23 - What the word phoenix mean to Russell. 

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