Episode 107 - Anthony Sylvester [Music Video Director | Film Director]

Anthony Sylvester Cutsdatflo

Anthony and I had a wide ranging conversation covering many cool topics. I learned a lot from Anthony during our interview and I want him to come chat with my students in the Fall. In this episode, he talks about his love for Southern hip-hop videos, what it takes to be a good storyteller and why "you cannot control everything". Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

4:13 - What inspired Anthony to move to Los Angeles.

5:35 - What is it like living in NYC, LA, Philadelphia and Hungary. 

8:55 - First video that comes to mind & why the love for Southern hip-hop videos.

11:59 - The role of the music video in the current times. 

14:20 - Where does the name Cutsdatflo come from.

19:39 - Directing a proof of concept video. 

22:07 - Anthony's love for Tumblr

25:18 - What does it take to be a good storyteller.

31:34 - How does Anthony stick to his pricing strategies. 

35:08 - The Apple Store story. 

44:32 - Kevin Lopez.

54:25 - "You cannot control everything ... "

56:14 - Father Rock. 

How to reach Anthony: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Vimeo 

Book Recommendations:

The Culture of Narcissism by Christopher Lasch