Episode 108 - Carly Rae Williams [Florist | Wedding Planner]

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Carly Rae Williams share how she successfully runs two businesses, how she takes risks within her business and why mentorships and strong self worth are so crucial to survival in today's business environment. 

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Show Notes:

4:31 - What inspired Carly to move from Northern Washington state to Southern California. 

5:47 - Traveling the US doing improv. 

7:50 - Starting her own business.

10:38 - Know your worth. 

16:46 - "I take a day off from work every week ... "

19:16 - Not looking at Instagram and other social media. 

23:01 - Primary Petals.

27:44 - "You just have to get through it ... "

31:48 - The business side of business. 

33:06 - Finding good mentors. 

How to reach Carly: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Primary Petals 

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