Episode 17 - Claire Schulz [Pilates Instructor]


In this episode, we talk to Claire Schulz who has just taken the leap and become a full-time Pilates instructor. We discuss Pat Summit, how important timing is and what a lateral tibial plateau fractured/torn ACL/torn MCL/torn meniscus taught her. Enjoy the show!

Sole Pilates

Show Notes:

5:25: How is Pilates different from yoga.

8:35: What was her family and friends reaction to her career change.

14:43: Claire's non-profit work.

16:57: "Patience & Drive"

27:02: How Claire got the courage to take the leap.

Pat Summit

32:43: The ski accident which led to a fractured lateral tibial plateau, torn ACL, torn MCL, torn meniscus.

40:00: Adult Curse Word Coloring Books!!

43:45: The three most influential people growing up for Claire.

49:04: "Timing is Everything"

52:30: "Don't Be Bitter. Just Get Better."

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Book Recommendations (Affiliate Links are included):

Pivot by Jenny Blake

My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler

Labor Day: True Birth Stories By Today's Best Women Writers by Eleanor Henderson

Adult Curse Word Coloring Book

Medical Description of a lateral tibial plateau fracture

Claire Amani