Episode 16 - Sarah Chapman [Non-Profit Director]

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In this episode, we talk to Sarah Chapman, who left her job to start her own non-profit. Almost six years later, she shares stories about her journey, lessons learned and relevant advice from her father. Enjoy the show. 

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Show Notes:

4:20: How Sarah went from medical device sales to starting her own non-profit.

9:15: Why Benin felt like home when she landed. 

11:30: "Fear or hope."



13:05: What her friends and family said when she told them she was moving to Benin. 

16:05: Never steal papayas from your neighbor's trees.

18:20: How Sarah built trust with the village when she arrived. 

23:47: "Yes is the answer. What is the question?"

32:01: 2016 was a rough year.

35:32: "Everything in life is temporary"

40:54: "I am not always right."

48:24: An ironic story that found Sarah being interrogated on the side of the road by armed policeman. 

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