Episode 23 - Colleen Reyes [Destination Management Company]


Colleen Reyes talks to us about what a destination management company is, how long it took for her to realize her business was going to be a success and the meaning of "ohana". Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

6:00 - What motivated Colleen to make the leap and work for herself.

9:02 - When was the point where Colleen realized that her new business was going to be a success.

10:10 - How does she limit the impact of fear within her business.

12:37 - What is a Destination Managment Company?

20:53 - "Don't Be So Worried"

22:14 - What does Colleen do to manage her anxiety. 

25:40 - "It doesn't have to be about me."

28:25 - Her mom was the most influential person when she was growing up. 

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Book Recommendations (Affiliate Links are included):

The Christmas Tree by Julie Salamon

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving