Episode 24 - Veronica Torres [Musician]

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In this episode, Veronica Torres (aka V Torres) speaks to us about her high school basketball career, selling out The Roxy (and getting a standing ovation) at age 21 and why "everything is temporary". 

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Show Notes:

6:20 - What position did Veronica play for her basketball team.

7:00 - The signature of 11/11 in Veronica's life. 

10:55 - How did Veronica get the courage to leave a promising Accounting career. 

14:10 - Selling out (and getting a standing ovation) at the Roxy in 2005 at age 21!

17:42 - "Stay focused and surround yourself with positive people."


22:00 - What the lyrics to "Old Soul" mean to Veronica.

27:15 - How Veronica's perspective on competition has evolved. 

32:40 - How basketball taught her about perseverance and resilience.

33:35 - The influence Veronica's father had on her when she was growing up. 

38:25 - "Everything is temporary."

40:12 - Regina Spektor inspires Veronica. 

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February 19th gig info (flyer below)

Veronica's 90's Hip Hop Spotify Playlist

This is the iceberg illusion drawing we discussed on the podcast. 

This is the iceberg illusion drawing we discussed on the podcast. 


The Tim Ferriss & Terry Crews Interview we discussed on the show.

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