Episode 10 - Crystal Washington [Professional Speaker]

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In this episode, Crystal Washington shares how she got her start as a professional speaker, advice for people who want to pursue a speaking career and why therapy is necessary for everyone. Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

4:20 - Why she quit her job

7:16 - How she had the courage to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

11:47 - The turning point in her career.

15:00 - Advice for people who want to be a professional speaker.

22:30 -  How she stands apart from the competition. 

24:56 - How flipping boxes helped her supplement her income. 

29:00 - Most memorable speeches.

31:52 - "There is no one right way"

36:03 - Why therapy is a necessity for everyone.

37:48 - Virtual Reality!!

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Book Recommendations (Affiliate Links included):

The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris

Get Clients Now! by AMACOM

YOU: The Owners Manual by William Morrow

Speakers Mentioned:

Karen McCullough | Thom Singer | Jess Pettitt | Marquesa Pettway