Episode 11 - Stephanie Uchima-Carney [Business Therapist]

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In this episode, Stephanie talks about what a business therapist is, her mediocre superpower and why you should always ask "Is what I am doing what I want to be doing?" Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

7:42 - The next step in Stephanie's business.

8:40 - Where the business therapist title comes from. 

12:40 - What she wants with her new business.

14:36 - How Stephanie had the courage to leave her management consulting job.

21:08 - Her two most "favorite failures" in life. 

26:23 - The most influential people for Stephanie growing up. 

30:46 - Why a business coach should get a coach.

36:17 - Your mediocre superpower is ___________.

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