Episode 14 - Glen Guyton [Professional Speaker]

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In this episode, Glen shares his journey from the Air Force to a middle-school teacher to the professional speaking world. We discuss the proper way to treat people, the quickest way to achieve your dreams and shiny things! Enjoy the show. 

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Show Notes

10:13 - The turning point in his career. 

11:42 - The transition from teacher to a professional speaker.

15:27 - The meal Glen would cook if his life depended on it. 

19:22 - A story about his time as a cadet. 

22:00 - The quickest way to achieve your dreams in life. 

30:48 - Why he likes comedic speakers.

34:28 - Don't get distracted.

How to contact Glen - Website | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube 

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Book Recommendation (Affiliate Links included):

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

The Autobiography of Dr. Martin Luther King - Clayborne Carson