Episode 13 - Jessica Louise [Musician]

Jessica Louise / Amani Roberts

In this episode, Jessica Louise talks to us about how she went from busking on the streets of Los Angeles to having a residency in the Maldives, what she does to work through her anxiety and why she stopped taking certain gigs. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

7:15 - How Jessica got the courage to take the leap. 

10:30 - What is important to succeed. 

11:30 - What was the turning point of her career.

14:48 - Why does Jessica love what she does. 

16:24 - Her favorite musicians growing up. 

20:25 - What is busking?

27:25 - How does Jessica work through her anxiety issues?

35:25 - Why did she stop taking specific gigs.

38:19 - How she stands out in a crowded space.

52:10 - The one lesson that took Jessica the longest to learn. 

Jessica Louise Contact Info: Website | Twitter/Periscope | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Youtube

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