Episode 43 - Jeannette Ceja [Travel Writer]

Jeannette Ceja Travel Writer

Jeannette Ceja talks to us about how she knew at age 12 she wanted to be a travel writer, some of her most memorable interviews and why travel in a mindset. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

10:47 - Jeannette was a Chips Quinn Scholar

12:04 - "Other people can see your potential before you can ... "

16:12 - Jeannette had a dream about moving to Rome that came true. 

22:17 - How Jeannette got a job offer to work in Australia. 

23:42 - Where was Jeannette's favorite place to live?

25:56 - "You have to believe in yourself ..."

Jeannette Ceja Travel Writer

30:58 - What was it like growing up in a household that had both an abundance & scarcity money mindset.

42:29 - "If you don't learn the lesson, you get a different teacher for the same lesson ..."

43:54 - What is Jeannette's self-love practice. 

49:19 - "Travel is a mindset ..."

53:47 - "An overnight success is eight years of hard work ... "

57:10 - Who were Jeannette's most memorable interviews.

77:10 - "Love Yourself ..."

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Book Recommendations:

Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols & Janet Switzer

How to Give Ted Talks by Jeremey Donovan

Jeannette Ceja and Amani Roberts