Episode 44 - Cindee Rood [Non-Profit]

Cindee Rood Formidable Joy

Cindee Rood makes her podcast debut and discusses her non-profit Formidable Joy, how she gained the trust of the people in Malawi and how she is "the balance of opposites". Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

5:21 - Cindee's first job in Los Angeles

8:00 - "The balance of opposites."

8:37 - The beginning of Cindee's non-profit journey. 

11:24 - How did Formidable Joy come to fruition. 

14:10 - What did Cindee do to gain the trust of the people in Malawi. 

17:12 - Why it was important for Cindee to see a refugee camp.

21:10 - Where the name "Formidable Joy" comes from.

23:09 - How did Cindee become skilled at fundraising. 

Cindee Rood in Malawi

29:01 - "What If??"

33:23 - "Nobody can do anything alone ..."

33:58 - What happened when Cindee started her own fashion line. 

39:14 - "Follow her bliss more ..."

40:21 - "If only ... "

47:46 - Educate, Advocate, and Fundraise.

Cindee Rood and Chief Kachindamoto

How to reach Cindee: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Book Recommendations:

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Falling Upward by Richard Rohr

The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu

A Fraught Embrace by Ann Swidler and Susan Watkins

Cindee Rood and Amani Roberts