Episode 45 - Lisa Aihara [Graphic Design]

Lisa Aihara Fiber and Dye

Lisa Aihara talks to us about the valuable lessons she learned while working in corporate America, why love is earned every day and what the quote "if you want beautiful eyes, look at beautiful things ..." means to her. Enjoy! 


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Show Notes:

5:42 - Why Lisa decided to get her MBA.

10:09 - The most valuable lessons learned at Sirius XM, Disney and Hulu.

14:18 - Lisa learned photoshop at age 10!

17:58 - Where does the name Fiber & Dye come from.

27:54 - "a jack of all trades who is a homebody ..."

36:02 - Mom and sister.

Lisa Aihara Graphic Designer

39:05 - "You are perfect the way you are ..."

40:31 - "Love is earned every day."

43:49 - "I want to be your designer friend."

47:19 - "If you want beautiful eyes, look at beautiful things ..."

52:00 - Baby gender reveal.

54:09 - "Know your personality"

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Book Recommendations:

The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

Lisa Aihara graphic designer