Episode 46 - Liz Zeigler [Mobile Dog Groomer]

Liz Zeigler Must Love Dogs Mobile Grooming

Liz Zeigler talks to us about her leap from being a lawyer at a big firm to her own mobile dog grooming business, her perspective on competition and why you shouldn't follow the expected path. 

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Show Notes:

6:50 - Why Liz decided to take the leap from a successful law career. 

8:11 - Crying on the train every morning.

10:47 - What was the draw/attraction to mobile dog grooming.

19:45 - How Liz sticks to her prices and the lessons learned about pricing. 

24:40 - How does Liz manage the dogs that are anxious when they visit with her.

30:30 - Fear of being elderly and homeless.

Liz Zeigler with doggie

35:58 - Liz's perspective on competition and how she acquired this outlook.

43:31 - "Don't follow the expected path ..."

44:48 - "Trust Yourself ..."

47:38 - Why manual record keeping is the most important habit Liz has learned in the past year. 

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Liz Zeigler with doggie