Episode 33 - Rohitash Rao [Artist | Music Video Director | Illustrator]

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In this episode, Rohitash Rao discusses how stop motion-graphics taught him patience, building your name and how "time gives you confidence". Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

4:05 - Why growing up in Rancho Cucamonga was the like the movie E.T.

6:32 - "You are by far the worst student I have ever seen in this class."

10:52 - How stop-motion graphics teaches you patience.

12:14 - "Build Your Name".

14:01 - The blog project called "Art For A Beer".

18:24 - Learn how to "concept" and "pitch".

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22:15 - How his work is like therapy. 

26:00 - Favorite Prince Songs

30:41 - How Ro's music video career got it's start.

35:45 - How has Ro grown his tribe of support.

42:49 - How the children's series "Herbert's Wormhole" was created. 

45:58 - "Time Gives You Confidence"

50:18 - "Try to be a likable person". 

54:15 - Why resting is the most important habit Ro has added to his daily routine. 

1:01:05 - "You are not alone."

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Book Recommendations:

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler

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