Episode 34 - Kelly Wilson [Public Relations]

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In this episode, Kelly talks to us about meeting Stan Lee, how failure gives you an opportunity to shine and why kindness will get you everywhere. 

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Show Notes:

5:25 - How did Kelly end up in Los Angeles.

9:18 - What happened when Kelly had the chance to work with Stan Lee. 

11:13 - Thoughts on the evolution of TV & Film

16:40 - Most memorable projects. 

18:45 - What sets apart the most successful people she has worked with. 

22:58 - "Failure Gives You An Opportunity to Shine"

Kelly Headshot

25:21 - How Kelly handles her critics.

29:28 - "Don't Worry"

30:57 - Reese Witherspoon & Jeff Goldblum

32:30 - "When one door closes, your publicist opens another ..."

35:12 - The Price Is Right Story

39:34 - "Kindness will get you everywhere"

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Kelly Wilson and her "Ukranian" accent

Tribe & Glory 

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Kelly and Amani