Episode 35 - Chris Pardal [Actor]

Chris Pardal Photo

In this episode, Chris Pardal talks to us about why "you are never ready", how his love for romantic movies was born and why Dr. Sybil Johnson told him that "he has to take the right risks". Enjoy the show.


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Show Notes:

5:18 - When did Chris realize he wanted to be a dancer and actor. 

7:45 - Chris' hip-hop favorites.

11:36 - How Chris met Dr. Sybil Johnson.

15:40 - "You have to take the right risks ..."

19:10 - "There has to be a certain level of discomfort."

Chris Pardal


29:16 - "We go into it for the wrong reasons."

30:59 - How Chris' love for romantic movies was developed.

38:20 - Who is Chris' favorite American actor?

42:40 - How bullying led to Chris being expelled from high school. 

47:31 - What caused Chris to end up in the hospital and get his stomach pumped twice. 

56:10 - Mike Tyson.

68:24 - "you are never ready ..."

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