Episode 36 - Samantha Lavin [Director | ScreenWriter]

Samantha Lavin Photo

In this episode, Samantha talks to us about why it is hard to make a female main character driven films, writers that inspire her and "don't let your head stop your heart." Enjoy the show!


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Show Notes:

7:40 - How Samantha developed "In Memory of Me"

9:25 - Why it is hard to make a female main character driven film. 

10:22 - The inspiration behind the movie "7 on 10"

14:46 - How Sam has found a strong tribe.

17:29 - Brenda from General Hospital.

19:40 - Writers that inspire Samantha.

23:46 - "haters can come in many guises ..."

26:40 - Seeing life as competition is hard.

28:50 - Why her dad was the most influential person for her growing up.

32:00 - "Don't let your head stop your heart"

37:14 - Key Change (the play). 

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Book Recommendations:

The Secret History - Donna Tartt

Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follett

"In Memory of Me"  (Full Movie Link)

"7 On 10" Trailer

Key Change Ticket Link