Episode 56 - Ruby Fremon [Voice Catalyst | Influencer Coach]

Ruby Fremon Voice Catalyst Amani Robert

Ruby Fremon talks to us about how working in nightlife ate her alive, getting sober and where her fear of success comes from. Enjoy the show!


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Show Notes:

8:52 - How nightlife ate Ruby alive. 

13:16 - The response online when Ruby would publicly share her journey. 

15:28 - How Ruby has stayed sober. 

18:44 - Ruby's definition of courage.

21:30 - "No road worth traveling is smooth ... "

Ruby Fremon Influencer Coach

27:16 - Why it is hard for people to invest in themselves. 

29:44 - Where Ruby's fear of success comes from. 

33:46 - Going after the money and not remaining aligned with her values. 

36:36 - "I no longer wanted to live this way ... "

37:10 - "It is easy to know what you are running away from. It is harder to know what you are running towards."

38:10 - "I did not do this alone..."

42:23 - "I am a voice catalyst ..."

How to reach Ruby: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

Book Recommendations:

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama

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