Episode 57 - Z-Trip [DJ | Music Producer]

AmRo Z Trip Camp SpinOff

Legendary DJ & Music Producer Z-Trip talks to us about why he loves Camp Spin Off, why being a comedian is similar to being a DJ and why you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. This episode was taped live at Camp Spin Off in Ojai, California. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

4:50 - Why Z-Trip loves Camp Spin Off

8:25 - That one time when Z-Trip DJ'd his prom. 

16:56 - Marley Marl & Red Alert

20:25 - The "Return of the DJ" series with Bomb Records

Z Trip at Camp Spin Off

23:34 - "I blend in ... but I also really stand out ... "

26:38 - Why being a DJ is similar to being a comedian. 

31:00 - "It's an exchange program that never stopped ... "

34:41 - Hans Solo in the original STAR WARS. (Link to the scene described)

38:40 - "My race is with myself ... "

41:44 - "The only way I was going to dig myself out of that hole was by myself with my own shovel ... "

47:40 - "DJ'ing has taught me how to stay three songs ahead ... "

53:17 - "You gotta love yourself before you can love someone else or be in love with someone else ... "

57:20 - "Hope for the best, but expect and plan for the worst ... "

How to reach Z-Trip: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 

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Die Empty by Todd Henry

Louder Than Words by Todd Henry

Herding Tigers by Todd Henry

Z Trip Camp Spin Off